Sunday, 22 July 2012

Where did the money go?

We had a relative and her friend visit from my wife's country and were showing them around, including some of the sights in the capital.

They gave me some money for their hotel room, which I paid for on my credit card so as to have the cash.

By the next day most of it had gone and that night I had the horrible thought that I had left some of the money in the envelope, which I had discarded without double checking.

However, I thought if I am able to remember each of the past 218 days since I began this process, then surely I could remember the every time I had spent money over the past two days and add it up.

And so it proved.

Which left me feeling like the guy who runs into a pub and rushes over to the landlady.

"Did I come in here yesterday, get drunk and then offer to buy drinks for everyone until the 500 bucks I'd just been paid had run out?"

"Yes, you did," replied the landlady, with a fond smile at the business.

"Thank goodness," he replied. "I thought I'd lost it."

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