Saturday, 2 June 2012

Packages of memory tags

So 168 days into this process of remembering every day that passes and I've still not lost a day.

I have various techniques for recording memory tags on my internal calendar, reinforcing them and recalling them if they are elusive.

One method that has emerged recently is packages of memory tags.

So Sunday 13 March was a sunny day and we walked to a beer garden by the river.

The weather them for Monday 14 March was it chucked it down with rain and my memory tag is sheltering with my wife at the bus stop.

And Tuesday 15 March, we had a freak hailstorm and I had to shelter in a pharmacy, where I had gone for cough mixture as that is something that has been afflicting me recently.

If I have any trouble recalling any of those days, remembering the surrounding days reminds me of the weather theme and that's it.

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