Monday, 7 May 2012

I'll get back to you

I've commented before on how I am sometimes niggled by my failure to remember the image tag for a particular day - even if I can remember some of the things that happened.

So it was this morning, running back through the past days when I woke up early and wanted something to occupy me to send me off to sleep again. Two days evaded me: 12 April and 17 April 2012.

I told myself to remember the dates and the images would come at some point, probably when I had properly woken up.

The first date was a Thursday and I knew I was in the office and collected my wife from her evening class, but there was something else special. It came to me as if my memory was saying, "Oh, here's that thing you were asking about earlier".

A television crew had come to the office to film an interview. So not a minor thing, and hopefully something that it now more firmly pinned to the date.

The 17th had a certain feel to it. It was a busy week, the week of my international trip and horrible meeting on the 19th. That's what brought it back to me in the end. We visited friends on 17 April to arrange a lift for my wife as I wouldn't be able to collect her from her course.

So that's it. All 142 days since I began this process are accounted for.

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