Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Limbering up

I am now over 6 months into this process of remembering every day that passes - the counter on this blog says I began 185 days ago.

Every day of my mental calendar has a memory tag pinned to it.

Recently I have found the most evasive tags are those for the past month or two. More historic memories, which I have reviewed more times, are now well established.

So I have varied my review technique, which I generally employ in the morning as I wake up or when cycling into work.

I scan back through the tags for the past two or three of weeks. The tags may not come to mind immediately, but as I can generally remember the events of each day wholesale, it is more a case of remembering the particular image I had selected to represent it.

I then review this day (Tuesday, for example) for every week until I began this process. More recently, I've been including the two preceeding days as well (so recalling Sunday, Monday and Tuesday tags for each week).

My new technique is to reverse the order. Instead of scanning back through time, I start with the historic memories and work towards the present.

It doesn't take much time as the images come so readily to mind, although the various sensations and perspectives that this review gives me continue to surprise me and make the process so enriching.

When I come to the more ethereal memory tags, my mind is well and truly limbered up.

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