Thursday, 23 July 2015

Taking a break

Refreshing the images pinned to my mental calendar as memory tags to remember every day that passes is part of my daily routine.

But sometimes I am too busy to fit in the reviews, particularly the long-term review of selected days stretching back to 2011. When I become overwhelmed I now have a break and when things calm down use the memory reboot method I have described here previously.

Sometimes now I also have a break from the short-term review covering the past 6 months in more detail. Generally I pass a two-day window per week over my mental calendar and recall the images for every day of the past month. This provides an overlap from day to day. But if I miss a day, I can catch up.

As an example, in case that is not clear. On Thursday, I recall images for every Wednesday and Thursday of the past 6 months. In the normal scheme of things, I will have already called up the Wednesday images the day before. If I didn't do or complete the review, then, no worries, I can cover the two days fresh.

So recently I had a day off, putting my long-term review aside with plans for a reboot and leaving the short-term review for the next day.

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