Monday, 27 April 2015

Remembering too well

An unexpected problem has arisen now that I am well into the fourth year of remembering every day that passes.

When a memory of a past event in this period comes to mind it is sometimes difficult to know how long ago it was. It's not the old problem of having no idea of how much time has passed with no anchor to orientate me. It is because events from two or three years ago still seem fresh.

As an example, my wife and I have visited the coast around Christmas time for the past few years. My memory tag for one year is arriving at my sister-in-law's apartment in a taxi. Remembering it recently, it took me a moment to accept it was in 2013 as it was so clear.

I had to walk over my mental calendar to be sure.

A long time ago I introduced full date tagging for images. So the image has the date 27 December 2013. The trouble is that in running through my refresh technique (see link under 'about me'), I become lazy and miss off the year.

So I've changed the technique now to give the year first when I pull up an image during my regular run throughs.

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