Monday, 11 January 2016

Almost a sense of mourning

2015 was a year full of events, like those that came before.

Even days of routine exist separately in my memory since I began following these techniques to remember every day that passes. They are not merged into one smudge, representing a week or a month doing the same things thanks to the images pinned to my mental calendar that make every day unique.

I recall the images with the full date, including the year, necessary as the years have piled up. Even so, I realised today that it makes a difference when a year ends and a new one begins.

In my long run through of past years, I remember two days per month. Yesterday, it was the 9th and 10th of each month in 2011 - 2013. Today the same days in 2014 to the present.

It struck me that I recalled the dates in 2014 as being last year. But they are that no longer now we have entered 2016.

I felt the year slipping away. Yet, the days are still fresh when I call up the memory tags, just more distant. Like departed friends.

The turning of the year reminds me these days are gone and only live on in my mind.

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