Friday, 30 May 2014

What's my bike called?

I cycle to work every day. Despite getting on and off my bike for this journey, I had no idea of the name of the bike. In fact there are two names, the manufacturer and model, both in large text on the tubing.

As I've had two bikes stolen in my time as a cyclist, I took a photograph of the bike with my phone, just in case. Otherwise, I'd be in the embrassing position of not even knowing what it is called should I have to report a theft to the police

When I took it to the shop for repair recently I read the names as if for the first time. They had simply not registered with me, despite seeing the bike nearly every day. Even when locking it up and looking directly at the words, I did not consciously read them.

But I can tell you the names now because they are in my memory tag for 24 April 2014, when my rear wheel hub collapsed as I cycled to the office.

When I think of my bike now, I see the names on the frame.

That was over a month ago.

Every time I have reviewed the memory tag since then, I recall the names and it strikes me that I haven't actually read the words again since that day. Seeing my bike in reality does not refresh them in my memory, only the reviews.

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