Saturday, 12 October 2013

Unlost images

This process of remembering every day that passes continues to progress well.

My current review routine takes little time, even as the days pile up.

Inexorably, the images pinned to my mental calendar as memory tags move from being reviewed every day, to twice per week, to once per month. As ever, it is often the past few days that are the most confusing: for example, was it Monday or Tuesday I went there?

The day-per-month reviews haven't given me problems for a while now. As I switched to this review routine on 4 July, I'm now giving these days their refresh for the fourth time.

Images that have proven to be elusive in past reviews have given me no problem this time around.

Sometimes it is remembering an image was lost and how I found it again that brings it to mind. For example, the image for 12 March 2012 once eluded me. It came up again today - it being 12 October, I was reviewing the 12th of each month. But I instantly remembered how I remembered when I lost it and there it was.

This is a good sign.

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